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 Water Wars v - Emissary

He came down from the sky
Gliding in on a silver wing
Sat patiently in the sun
Knowing the tribe's watching
We walked him to the Shaman
He assumed a proper aspect
Bowed to her very low
Treated her with due respect
He made the sign of peace
Then spoke from his mind
He spoke to us of history
He told us of mankind
How their greed and evil
Helped bring despair and drought
He told of their mission
To try and help things out
He explained why neural fences
Surrounded planted land
Aware of the temptations to
Our poor near starving band
He asked us to return
Go back to the camps with pride
Assume role of respected helper
Once we were back inside
He told us of the new world
They were all trying to create
Asked us to take our place
Rightful members of that state
He bowed again to Shaman
Made no more mention
Of what he'd just asked
Thanked all for their attention
He asked only that we consider
Then with a salute of the hand
Picked up his silver wing
And walked back to the desert's sand

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