Karma Of Sarma 
  Erika Hudson

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 Destiny's Pick

What does it all mean?
Time suspended in air
nothing awaits fair game. Just the same,
I tell my story of love gone miles apart.
Do nothing but wait,
anything except fate.

Can it be possible
you continuously romance me in my dreams?
For some time now
you have been a whisper in my cave.
Echoing back and forth,
leaving a remnant for others to see
only you have changed the deepest part of me.
From uncertainty
to every possibility
of making something work.
Between man and woman.
Designed for one another,
birthed with a goal in mind
a gift at heart.
Matched, perhaps for some greater reason
change the path of many,
with one voice,
one action,
one way.

Copyright 2005 ERIKA HUDSON

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