Mayura the able

                         Mayura the able
(Written after seeing a T.V.Programme which showed the classical dance of a blind boy)
Heard I have,
Of Shiva's cosmic dance,
Of the dance of heavenly maidens,
Of Indira's court,
Of the dance of seven veils,
Of Salome the daughter,
Of hard hearted Herod,
And many of them more,
That takes us back in steps of time.
Seen I have,
Nimble gyrations of the feet,
Of the queens of dance,
Of modern times,
The peacock's dance of love,
Before its coy maiden fine,
The bangras which made you,
Tap your feet,
Without a sense of shame,
And the boneless wonders ,
Of todays silver screen.
But never was my heart touched,
As on that day,
When Mayura danced in our little screen.
He took our heart apart,
By his dance divine.
Wept I like a little child,
(Though my hairs have turned grey,
and crows feet have adorned my eyes)
That a boy could shake my heart,
By his celestial dance.
Bharata , would have laughed in his grave,
With joy , and murmured,
"To the brim , I am full with joy,
That I wrote Natya Shastra that day."
Mayura and pals,
Tell thine Guru tomorrow morn,
"Sir, abler we are,
Than the ablest in this earth".

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Mayura the able

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