Poetic Verses Of Love And Sorrow


OK girls,guess what
They can't have the FEM 4
So Cliffy and the Kid
Started looking for 4 more

They finally decided
Never can they win
They found four fat one's
Ugly as sin

They are so right
There girls smell like creatures
For Cliffy and the Kid
That's there best features

They love the fat one's
And the hairy ones too
They know I have the beauties
So what else can they do

They'll settle for anything
If they can't have you
So anything with a bra
Will have to do

So jealous of me
I'm with my slim beauties
While they sit with the fat ones
I'm here with the cuties

They talk talk
That's all I hear
So kiss your fat beauty
And blow in her ear

Marvin says,put on your gas mask
For the stink can kill
If that doesn't get you
The fat one's will

You guys are smart
And so much wiser
You hose down your girls
And use a deodorizer

I know this doesn't bother you
As you both found true loves
While I sit here with the FEM 4
My pretty little doves

No matter what you do
Do not tarry
You don't want to lose
Fatty and hairy

I'm sorry for you
Though you lost the war
You found fatty and hairy
And I still have the FEM 4

 To two good Friends in jest. lol lol


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