The Reality Poet

Love, Hope, Faith, Peace & Trust

By:  Samantha Fitzgerel

Love does not allow abuse,
Love does not allow men to kill.
Love cannot be used as that excuse,
Love, some people find it, some never will.

Hope does not allow you to be uninspired,
Hope only allows for you to keep trying.
Hope steps in when your wish has expired,
Hope can sometimes keep man from dying.

Faith does not allow us to give up.
Faith can make the weakest win.
Faith can be measured by seed or by cup.
Faith will answer for us, when we give in.

Peace, an overused excuse for war,
Peace, the easiest explanation given.
Peace, it's what the world searches for,
Peace, only comes after forgiveness.

Trust, we sometimes demand it, but it has to be earned.
Trust, the hardest thing to get returned.
Trust, is almost never given unconditionally,
Trust, when you find it, you'll find peace,
and with peace you will find forgiveness,
and that will strengthen your faith,
and the faith will give you hope that love
will abide in us all....eventually.

Copyright 2006, The Reality Poet

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Love, Hope, Faith, Peace & Trust

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