Beautiful Disaster


She sits alone
Starring off into space
Some people stop
To stare at her face
Her eyes are glazed over
As if in a daze
With a certain Haze
On her lips
Lay a smile
soft, yet firm
A different kind of style
You can tell by her face
She is in very deep thought
In a place of tranquility
A place I have often sought
She thinks of the birds
And the bees
And of the flowers
And the trees
She ponders the world
And all the problems it holds
Lives of young
And the old
She contemplates life
Answers unknown
To all of its questions
And the life of her own
She continues thinking
Of what life could be
If there was less hate
And love could be free
She wishes for a better world
for you and me
She wishes for people
To finally see
That to be released from their sin
They need to believe
But more then anything
She wants to be a doer
Not a dreamer

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