Words unspoken, Words unread!

Young Ali Abass

He lain in a Baghdad hospital,
They said he had no hope.
Maimed and lost his family,
How did that young lad cope?

Torn apart by warfare,
So-called freedom for Iraq.
Try telling that to young Ali Abass,
He can't have his family back.

In an allied attack he lost his arms,
Lost his brother, his mum and his dad.
He had burns all over his torso,
So much pain for an innocent lad.

And yet that brave boy bears no grudges,
New arms though prosthetic they be.
He came to Great Britain to get them,
The joy on his face plain to see.

I'm sorry young man, for the hurt and the pain,
For the loss of your family too.
If only we could turn back time,
This would never have happened to you.

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