Words unspoken, Words unread!


A wall of sparks filled up the sky,
As a motorbike sped passed.
Two people thrown onto the verge,
Why did they go so fast?

I stopped the car and ran to help,
If my help I could so give.
Whilst praying to the Lord above,
"Please let these people live".

The first one that we got to,
He was sat against a wall.
I looked into those startled eyes,
There was life there at all.

And still those eyes so drained of life,
When looking back I see.
I'm haunted by the look they gave,
And yes it frightened me.

We ran toward the other lad,
Around a lamppost he did fall.
I heard him give a quiet moan,
"He's alive", I did then call.

There was not much that we could do,
Just wait till the medics came.
Then speak to the police, say what we'd seen,
And find out what's to blame.

I heard on the radio later,that-
With his family at his side.
That young man lost his battle, and
In hospital he died.

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