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As I stick you with an idea,
You shine with smugness and
Tell me my paranoia is null.

Well if paranoia was a person
Then it is safe to say that it has raped me.

Of all the icy claws to grip onto me
It had to be the paranoia that hurts most.

I thought the mean in your eyes
Would disappear as our
Relationship gained length, but
My radar must be broken, or retarded.

People like you kill the mind, the inner eye.
Now I'm blind and I can't see and I want to.

I'm afraid of the feelings you give me,
And rather than acknowledge this, I was
Forever hiding away from you, until I
Hit you with an honest blow but know
That I never really meant to hurt you.

I've learned that fear is only something to be conquered.

January 30, 2006

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My random attachment

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