SWEETSWORDS 35 [ The dialogues of Dabba ]

SWEETSWORDS 35 [The dialogues of Dabba ]

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Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Where there hate preach is illegal,
There that law is illegal.
Because that law will deprive,
People to uphold right to hate.
Where love is placed over loyalty,
And the virtue over the beauty.
There love is more selfish and violent than hate.
Terror will take over to restore peace and justice,
Instead the dialogues and debate.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze.
To safeguard House of Noor,
From the Sufiswine manure.
I borrowed The Sandal.
With the beast Stamp.
I marked what is Halal,
And what is Haram.
To safeguard House of Islam,
From Kuffar vandal.
The Sandal is like infinite symbol,
As numerical Eight.
Thefore with the Sandal I strike Muslim forehead.
To reveal who is true,
And who is fake.
The Sandal is like DNA diagram.
Binding the criterion of faith,
By the rope of Islam.
The dialogue of Dabbatul Ard,
Two stones and one bird.
Iblis versus Dajjal,
If one is the rough rock,
Other is the polished pebble.
As the wise have said,
Men stumble over pebbles,
Never over mountain.
A leaking pipe is more damaging,
Than the flowing fountain.
Adam is dead,
But lives in each human chromosome.
As Iblis is dead,
But emanates in the blood of sons of Adam.
As the behavourial traits of Satan,
Influences each and every human gene.
Jinn recides within sons of Adam,
To remain the enemy unseen.
Now as I kill the hidden Iblis,
So the manifest Shaitaan can live.
It is I the Dabbatul Ard,
Establish the truth of the Men,
By killing the Satanic Fib.
Iblis was given respite,
Till all are rised up.
Therefore he lives like fire ball,
In the human testicle.
To supply the tree of life,
It's fuel of life the watery sap.
Two communal pebbles,
Attached to each private penis.
Contains Adam's Y,
And The X of Iblis.
As matter can only occupy,
Same space at the same time.
Therefore Satan became the immaterial phantom,
To commit his crimes,
In places on the same time.
He died so he can live,
Within each and every living.
In each and every human desires,
He provides his Satanic craving.
Satan lives,
As Adam lives in the hereafter.
There Adam reads,
His paradise paragraph in the Illiyin,
And in the Araf,
Satan writes his Jahannam chapter.
As every dead Prophets came to meet,
The Hayathun Nabi.
Where my lord was the only Prophet,
All other was his Sahabi.
At the night of Miraj,
In the Masjisul Aqsa.
From Jinn to Hinn,
From Adam to Isa.
As dead do visit earth,
At Allah's leave.
And dead Satan was respited to live,
In the existing Adams missing rib.
Adam was created from mud,
And earth is the mother of all evil.
In the belly of sweet organs,
Allah created the bitter gall.
The dirt contain the particles of pure fire,
Therefore from pure peniss of Adam,
Allah created his polluted pusssy to sire.
Indeed Dabbatul Ard has killed the Iblis,
As Dajjal will be killed by the Isa.
Indeed every Ar Rajal is the part An Nisa.
Men and Woman are the combination of evil,
And also little good.
And indeed only the good will reach,
The house of security,
The blessed Makam e Mahmood.
Therefore Iblis is dead,
Yet lives in every one of us.
Only the breath of Allah,
The soul is Adam,
Iblis is our carcass.
The dialogue of Dabbatul Ard,
Two stones and one bird.