Words unspoken, Words unread!

Manchester United 2003/04

You can go up north to Manchester,
A city that's red and blue.
United and city the names of the teams,
Now tell me, "what colour are you?"

Football's the game, my colour is red,
At Old Trafford, The Theatre of Dreams.
With players like Giggsy, Scholes and Keane,
The cream of the Premiership teams.

Premiership titles, that's eight from eleven,
With sir Alex the man with the clout.
What that man don't know about football,
Just isn't worth talking about.

Now Beckham has left Man Utd,
And signed for Real Madrid.
But Alex has spent twelve point four million,
On a Portuguese wonder kid.

So come on United, a season of hope,
A season as Champions again.
I'm sorry David, you've made the wrong move,
For you'll win sod all playing in Spain.

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