SWEETSWORDS 31 [ The Evidence of Evolverullah ]

SWEETSWORDS [ The Evidence of Evolverullah ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
The creator creates the cancer,
Then evolves it to tumour.
Allah created the revelation,
And Shaitan evolved the rumour.
By the will of Allah cellular Adam dies of apoptosis,
And Iblis lives through cancerous disease.
Poga Says in the Foolington Maze
By the evolver Allah,
Swine lookalike are linked to Mullah.
The located link.
Some Jewish were turned to pigs and primates,
Due to haram food and drink.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Allah created the Muslim,
And from them evolved the Sikh.
Allah created the pen,
And the pen checkmated the tick.
Allah created the ink,
And from ink evolved the tablet.
Allah created the sound,
And from it evolved the alphabet.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : If Adam is A+,
Then Eve must be A-.
Because pussy is the part of Phallus.
Therefore pussy is minus.
Because it came from complete penis.
Therefore if Adam is A,
Then B must be the blood of Iblis.
And O for others.
Is it one penis equal one pussy,
Or one penis equal many mothers.