Ordinary Miracle


Nature & I

Here on shore I can maroon myself
and tranquil before dusk till nightfall.
Nature at peace purifies the soul,
Enable life's mayhem comprehensible.

The sun smile, sparkles the sea,
Its ray on the skin revives the cell.
Madrigal flows from birds over the moon,
The sea breeze soughs across my ears,
A mind soothing harmony ever so natural.
Above, gulls dive in sea to prey for fish,
In adoration of the culminating day.

The waves foams, splashes and roars,
Made me trudge seawards spellbound.
In blue crystal sea, I had to swim.
And within the breadth of the open sea,
Beautiful creatures caught my sight.
Here, dolphins wriggle with eternal smile,
And among mollusks stands crab a fine friend.
But I swam hither to seek mermaid,
Instead, it's Alewife, Brail, Eel, Lobster
Mackerel, Prawn, Salmon, Shrimp, Smelt,
Trawl And Trout, twirl around.
Curious and probably thinking I'm a lion
That came to sea.
They're right and likewise wrong,
For seafood I do adore, but not raw,
So rest assure sea species,
For now I'm feeding my lungs with fresher air!

On my way to surface
I realized seaweeds waving goodbye,
Knowing I'm slightly moved,
I replied in sign language,
I'll be back, soon.

Good Gracious I'm in sea,
They won't see the hustle.
On sea level heart pounds Catching my breath,
For tides erosion overwhelms the nose.
Ears tunes again to the soothing melody,
An instant reminder, I'm not a fish! ha
Oblivious was my world, during the while.

Life's divine, each and every day,
Yet Humans with eyes,
But many with less sense of vision.
Back on shore, marrams litter the sand,
Fragments of greenery embedded firmly.
As I stepped on the tickling sand,
The remaining gulls flutter their wings,
Leap, swarm side to side and glide away.
Air clean and pure as morning's dew,
Fresh inhalation of natural fragrance,
Unlike city air, dense in all it's particles.

In crimson radiance,
The sun blushes on its way to nest.
Conscious that other gems are ascending,
Stars of the night, set to beam and gleam.
In farewell, the sea sunlit in purple vibrant,
An endless glossy mimic of milky way,
Horizon likewise wade in, glows of orange,
To adorn clouds that pay homage
To the glorious light.

The send-off for the descending sun,
Elopes within a while from now,
Let me photograph this unfolding magic
twice or more,
The world might slow me down in future days.
I can't but always applaud the Magnificent
For the transcending energy
That adorns seven heavens and earth.
The case is the sun
That overtakes not the moon,
Or does the day, outstrip the night?
Not once.
Each in its own orbit, travels.

Dusk now swifts into night,
Everything peaceful and right,
Gallantly with assured radiance,
The moon perpetually appears,
Effervescing nature brilliantly,
Yet with a different view.

The melody now hymns in lower tune,
Birds sing still but towards their rest,
A nudge for me I've to leave soon.
I wish my home over looks the shore,
On the front porch,
I would've laid my bed,
While the moon smiles as I lay my head,
But I'm stuck downtown, that's for sure.

My cloth now herald the wind,
Whisking me aside.
The stars in hide and seek, blinks
And winks, tempting me to stay.
I could play on without the missing piece,
But to share this blessed world
Will be surreal, a wonderment
Where moments are magical.
And once captured, priceless,
Free and wild!

I'll leave now,
And return tomorrow,
With you,
And hopefully days that follow!

(Nature & I - Dramatic Monologue)



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