Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

We'll always have Wenatchee

I have this
Idea that if we
Wish hard enough,
People will think us fools.
So let's be fools together.
I'll play the idiot savant,
And you can just be
We'll go nuts
Together, just like
Nature intended.
I'll be your sidekick,
Or we can both
Be the sidekick…
Imagine the
Want ad…
Two miserable,
Lonely sidekicks,
Looking to
Attached themselves
To a hero.
You are the hero.
You always have been.
Who else makes me
Want to be better
Than I am?
I get it.
You're coy.
Man of few words,
And the like.
Silent but
But loud,
In that your voice
Occupies my space
Days after you're gone.
Shall I remain a
I shan't allow
You to
Scour any towers
To come to
My aid.
A mere phone call
Will do.
A letter would
Be nice.
You're handwriting is
Quite interesting to me.
We can do what we're
Good at, listening to music,
Bitching and complaining,
And especially, hopping
From one musical
To the next.
I like your hair,
I probably never
Told you that.
But I meant to.
And you have nice
They always stare.
But they have meaning
When they do.
Someday, I'm going to
Want to dance with
I just hope you won't

June 23, 2006

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We`ll always have Wenatchee

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