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 Lifeline – end

(The last of three supermarket stories)

She stands there at the checkout
As her groceries are passing through
It's as if it's a different world
An experience that's new
Not until she gets the total
Does she reach for her purse
And then she's fishing for change
Just to make matters worse
I'm in the queues behind her
Frustrated there I stand
For the last five minutes
I've had my money in my hand
Before I get the bill
I'm ready to quickly pay
I'm a man at the till
That's our shopping way
But the ladies oh the ladies
It always seems to be a surprise
That they have to pay for things
You can see it in their eyes
And they fumble and they rake
Through a handbag that I think
Seems to contain almost everything
Except a kitchen sink
That I'm standing there patiently
Doesn't ever make her hurry
And I know I'll be late
Can't she detect my worry
At last at last she's finished
She's finally managed to pay
And slowly pushing her trolley
Moves serenely on her way
Out to her parked car
Where what's more
I'll bet all my money
She'll slam the bloody door
And she'll never ever know
The anger that I felt
But if she'd turned to smile at me
That anger would quickly melt

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