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Utopia Of Equality

So many confusions of our arrogant delusions
And hence almost no body cares
About any soul or for that matter any one
Only a few really dare
To follow the steps of Christ...

Yet in this world soon
We have to make a change
For our Mother earth is in pain
So many children suffering
So many suffering in vain

Oh our Father there's got to be a way
For us to rearrange and change
Our darkened fate, Our darkened life...

If the rich would open their hearts
And share more with the poor
By opening the door of proper education
Creating many possibilities
An equality of necessities for every nation

For sharing is the ultimate tool
To make us ready for salvation
Dear Father there's got to be a way to help our Mother
Please change Mankind's heart
So we could love each other

Help us to end the arrogance
An endless misery, all the pain
Help us to stop the hatred
Inside our hearts eternally
Let Your love forever reign...

Yet many in this world
Continue to live
With such a greed and hate
Maybe they are very blind
Or evil like the fallen angel
Waiting to see
Their brothers and sisters fading into the grave...

If only we could see the light
If only we could change for the better
And answer each other
The undeniable helpless cries

By sharing more with the less fortunate
To melt away the pain and hatred for us
To help them live a better life
Wouldn't that help us to reap the blessings?
Of our good Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Then someday a new era will begin
And all the wars will end
As our souls will receive the blessings of God
For creating an equality of necessities
For each other
For the darkened Mankind

Cause without a beginning of those good deeds
Believe me we will never see
The second coming of our Good Lord Jesus Christ,
We will not see the heaven nor paradise,
But only eternal misery full of darkness
For the rest of our God forsaken lives.

God is love; Do we have that kind of love inside?
Remember the book of John the words that say
If you have no love you have no God
Inside of you, then who do you pray to
For when the time comes
He will say "away from Me I never knew you"

The will of His Father is love
If only we really could understand and comprehend.
Oh woe on us, woe on our souls
We have lost control in the storm

And there is almost no more love to share
Love is good deeds for me and you
But where do you see
That kind of brother, sister, love of conformity...

Deep down inside
We are all human
We are the same
I wish we could start from ourselves within
By ending all of the blames

Have one heart,Have one soul
With united minds take control
The flow of our destiny
That is in this world
Being filled with God's love

Why wait and postpone
The undeniable
That soon anyways will happen.
Let's accelerate peace by moving
Towards necessities of equality

Then as we reap the fruits of good works
When the special time comes
We'll be caught up unto eternity
Being always happy, forever free
Living with Christ eternally…

With open eyes if you will look closely
Then you'll see a desperate need
For the equality of necessities
And hear the cry for utopia
A sheer cry for basic needs
America, Asia, Europe, Africa

Places where the poor are suffering
Everyday they are dying
While the rich live in luxury
So many starving children to God they're crying
Asking for food on the table to eat.

Yet starving and fading away
Without many not even trying
To help them in any way

They are all here in hell
And guess where they will go in eternity?

By your own beliefs
They are condemned forever.
Who else is there?
Who else should we blame for our inaction?

Christ came into darkness to be an everlasting Light
He told same to His disciples.
Did you know that we are our Father's reflection?
Guess who you think your Father is?
Is it God our Heavenly Father?
Or Satan the father of lies?

Satanic intolerance to God's love in these societies
Creates such a harsh reality
Yet to change we need to start with a world's policy
Provide all life necessities by improving its poor qualities

Love, water, food, shelter
And more education about God
Is needed in every nation
Cause we are all His creation

Can you hear a cry for an utopia of equality?
Can you see a need for the basic necessities?
It's coming from the depths inside of you and me
Can you envision ever seeing an utopia of equality
Like it or not, But soon it will come to be

There's no way for the future
To escape God's plan
A free will must be forever free
We need to accept it as it is to be

By creating an utopia of equality
For you, for me
And everyone living
Under these heavens of above
In the realm of the world's humanity…







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