Words unspoken, Words unread!

Why did it have to take you from me?

Nights of anxiety, days full of strain,
My eyes full of tears, your heart full of pain.
The illness that gripped you they call the big C,
Why did it have to take you from me?
From eight stone to five in less than four weeks,
The colour had gone from your rosey red cheeks.

Only memories left which I've stored in my head,
Yet I still speak to you, even though you are dead.
They say time's a healer, well maybe that's true,
Seven years have passed and I'm still missing you.
So, "Lord" if you're out there, please tell my wife this,
I'm sending her something, a hug and a kiss.

In those last weeks we had, which were filled full of care,
When I brought you your meals, which you ate in your chair.
Then your friends would come round to see the pal they did love,
Before you were taken to the heavens above.
I know in the future I will meet you again,
But I'm happier now, " you're no longer in pain".


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