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 From the Heart Through the Pen

Keep Your Head Up

This one goes out to my boy
Who's going through
A bit of a rough spot
I've been through a lot
So I feel as if maybe
I can help him see the light
Just like I have
Keep your head up Baby Boy

Times like these
We don't ask for
It's times like these
We find out what we're made of
See if we can handle
Just a little more pain
So many continuous days
Your soul is drowning in all the rain
And you don't believe
There's a sun out there
Just when you feel things are getting better
Someone's there to knock you
Flat on your face again
But I can tell you
That the light is close
You're where I've been
And you too
Can get to where I am (V)

Keep your head up Baby Boy
You're not as alone as you think
You're looking for peace and some joy
To get there do these things
Get on your knees and pray
By your side He's always
Keep the faith and stay strong
These troubled times won't last long
As long as it's Him
That you aim to please
He'll give you exactly what you need (C)

There's times when
You don't know what to do
You feel as if the whole world
Has left you
And no one has clue
Of what you're going through
You've cried until
You felt like your heart exploded
Wondering how it got ripped apart
By the one who used to hold it
The one who used to own it
There is someone who does know
What it feels like to go through this
And I'm here to tell you (V)

Take it one day at a time
One foot in front the other
And when you start sliding back
Take a look up
Reach out to your Heavenly Father
He'll help you
Put your troubles behind you
These haters out here
Love to see you fall
But when you do
Get right back up
Get that dirt off your shoulder
And come out walking tall (V)

¥☼MOI☼¥  13 Aug 06

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