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SWEETSWORDS 108  [ The Elemental Setting of Four Foe ]


3 - 2 - 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 8

Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Setting is thus
Still mountainous terrain moving Forrest and removal ass
They move on
From innate to intuition
Intuition to intelligence
And intelligence to illumination
This are only four stages out of eight
In Poga's domain with eight Illuminati gate

The station the traveler and the rail
Earthly station traveling plants and the animal mail
In this trinity driver makes four
For journey of stages and the marrifatic tour
The tour de force
The knowledge of epistemological models of ilm e course
The course is as in sequence of the food for thought
In the science of plus and minus and naught and dot

Poga Say's in a Foolington Maze

Fitrath of innate idols
And the nafs of ambitious idolater
Aql of intelligent mental patient
And wisdom of spiritual doctor

Fitrath of innate idols and nature of mud
Nafs and desire of plant and bud
Aql of intelligence butterfly
And Ruh of spiritual beekeeper
In the science of wisdom
And in the signs of nature

Fitrath nafs and aql and ruh
Your innate nature intuitive desire  intelligent mind and spiritual you
Now who am i and where do fit in
I am your heartache the hidden unseen

Fitrath nafs aql and ruh
Me and you he and who
All individual yet unified in aim
In different stages and in different name
All in one and one in all
As mighty in tiny as great in small

Rt Hon Dundiwala Burakh : It was most joyous journey in the year of sorrow
It was most joyous night never happened any yesterday's never to happen any tomorrow
It was night of AL ISRA and timeless AL MIRAJ
It was most joyous journey of RAJAH the RAJ
It was the night when GOD all mighty summoned mightiest of man to meet him

Poga Pundit Atmaram : BAITUL MAMUR is not any unknown shrine
Upon whose sacred wall IBRAHIM KHALILULLAH recline
Say no
It is the next place of expedition for captain NEMO
It is the place of worship which call every living physical human for divine immortal NAMAZ
BAITUL MAMUR awaits for every living mumin AL HAJJ

Dr Humayun Nafsi Natram : Testy fruits of SIDRATUL MUNTAHA
Taste can be described by ooh and aah
fruits can be described by shape and size
But experience cannot be described by any fool or wise
Yet desire of that lotus fruit
Distinguishes every halal diners from every haram brute
The testy fruit of SIDRATUL MUNTAHA
The choice of fruiterer's SHAHENSHAH
MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
The singular MONAD for this unified team

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Upon the divine ARSH E AZIM
Some earthly dust of Na Layn shareef e Tazim
Of lotus feet of my master MUHAMMAD RASUL ALLAH sallel la hu alahi wa sallim
Upon divine throne of RAHMANIR RAHIM
Those carnal real dust of real leather sandal
Answers every doubters dilemma MIRAZ was spiritual or physical

Barzakh : As he drunk from same single udder from mother hired
He knew through his Fitrath other mammary gland was for sibling who shared
MILK the very best of food and drink combined
As an infant he used his Fitrath the innate intuition as he dined
Even as baby he was Nabi the messenger supreme
He is my master MUHAMMAD sallal la hu alahi wa sallaim
Even as baby he was Nabi messenger of ALLAH
It was the JESUS the baby Nabi who talked about Nabuwath
And he acted as MUHAMMAD UR RASUL ALLAH From his age of Fitrath
Comparison here is only to provide full clear picture
The unified mother and child with the divine lecture
Or the separated baby
The Ummi nabi
Selecting single the spring from the double stream
To submit to the final revelation one must understand the single MUHAMMADAN REALITY
Yet ALLAH gave us the double Path SHARRIATH and MARRIFATH from his infinite pity
It is as simple as some through prophets finds theirs GOD
But all who knows GOD testifies about MUHAMMAD
some through prophets finds theirs ALLAH
But all alone or crowded nation all who knows GOD knows rank of MUHAMMAD RASUL ALLAH
Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
Surely he is the one and only and there is none like him

Be Aql : As they disputed for honor of placing Blackstone
Shedding of blood was saved by his AQL alone
Through his Hiqma AL AMIN the trusted
Solved the perplexed predicament the dilemma disputed
Even as illiterate he proved to be the highest ALIM
He is my master MUHAMMAD sallel la hu alahi wa sallim

Humayun : It was his Nafsi desire to see his beloved uncle Abu Thalib
To take the SHAHADA while he live
And among gossips and whispers
Clear verses came to distinguish lovers from believers
It was his Nafsi desire to love his uncle
Yet he used all four four level by single saying
To take the SHAHADA before dying
Even as prophet of ALLAH he hold the human emotion
Love for creature and for creator the devotion
He was the love HABIBALLAH Rahmath of Rahmanur Rahim
He is my master MUHAMMAD sallel la hu alahi wa sallim

Poga : After birth his feet first touched house of GOD
Then onto shoulder of MUHAMMAD
To witness RUH OF ALLAH the most extreme
To witness cosmic shape of MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallaim
He saw that limitless wonder
Who imposes limitation upon his RUHANI splendor by bringing only the moon to asunder
For if he had willed to split the creation
Surely he had the RUHANI power to bring about the day of distraction

Be Aql : Tell me BARZAKH what is similarity and dissimilarity between Adam and animal
Tell me what is the characters that distinguish them as the great and small
Tell me BARZAKH what is the difference between man and cock
What is the characters that distinguish theirs spermious key and eggshell lock

Barzakh : Between mud meat and wood
A man in flesh declares i am above rest in prostration's SAJUD
he speaks to god lying sitting standing and at work
He creates sign of sajud and stigmata mark
Oh BE AQL look at a dog
Have seen him doing Yog or Jog
When lying he is rolling reeling
When sitting he is resting and crawling
When standing he run jump and bark
But you will never see him in prostration to achieve the Sajud mark
It is the station of FITRATH NAFS AQL AND RUH
That's distinguish what is what and who is who
Don't you see the way of mud
It too has fire air and watery blood
But essence that predominates his character is his Fitrathullah clay
It doesn't have any desire to run and play
Then life that evolved is Nafsi vegetation
Yet it doesn't have any desire for psychiatric session
It too was created with earth water fire and air
Yet only thing they desire is theirs botanical heir
Yet they protect not theirs progeny at sight of stranger
Have seen burning forest where stationary tree running away from danger
Who do you see fight to kill theirs sibling in love and war
Who else apart from animal Sansar
Who uses theirs mind OH BE AQL
In Mud Wood and Animal
Who else but animal crane
Dies for beloved in separation pain
But have seen any silent giraffe or laughing hyena
Doing the meditation by Yogic Ashana
This are quality's of men what sets them apart from rest of the creation
You see OH BE AQL it is not the Bodi tree but it is the Buddha who does the meditation
All animal have mind but it is the men who holds the RUH
All animal makes the migration but it is the men who wears the shoe
Have seen any monkey going for Nike or spider in need of a needle
No OH BE AQL but it is only the men who can web just with binding words the most enticing riddle

Be Aql : So you are saying it is the men who holds the soul
And all the lesser beings have no purpose no goal
This tiny virus and those titan Argus
The mighty green and tiny grass
All are soulless like shadow without solid
They are just useful things for human need

Barzakh : Every Athma have Paramathma every Para have Pramishvar
No solid liquid or air without it because it is our inner core
Soul is breath of ALLAH the only thing with direct link to the creator
Yet all soul must die due to its deadly nature
And born again to recall the record
That every living and dead is the immortal word
And word don't die but continue to live as echo
It vibrates from every side from high and low
And creates the cubical wave
The bounteous boundary for the living Sansar and the world of grave
Yes every animal have soul but it is the human who makes the will
By reading document and writing quill
Have you seen any animal deals in share
Cash for concubine and credit for heir
Yes every thing is created with FITRATH NAFS AQL AND RUHANI character
But part that dominates will decide who is who as hydrogen and oxygen makes the water
Yet water doesn't have equal amount of hydrogen and oxygen
One is of fire other is mud
Mixture of dry dust and watery blood
So now you know OH BE AQL epistemological model of ilm
Knowledge of loud theater and silent film

Poga : In the Islamic body there is four state of mind
The Fitrath The Nafs The Aql and The Ruhani kind
The are four khalifa for single Ummah
As the SIDDIQUE Fitrathullah BARZAKH father and his BE AQL Ummul Muminin Amma
This instinct of being aware
With the Mind of the wise Omar
Unites desires of Nafsi Osman
And from this crisis The Soul that saves the Insan
He is Chashma E Belayeth master of Marrifath
Ya ALI The most high
Healer of all Angelic hiccup killer of every Satanic sigh

Barzakh Says from a cubical cage
Three dimension eight degree six side
No where to go no where to hide
He who rules this Islamic empire
Rules over every climate every atmosphere
He rules with all might absolutely absolute
He rules over every civilized man and every savage brute

Be Aql Say's by science of stage
One behind two and three front of four
Single boat and double oar
By sequence and season toward the single time
With illiterate ignorance and innumerate crime
By science of stage he combines this life
From birth growth decay and death of man and his wife

Humayun Say's forbidden abstainity and halal engage
In the unification of male and female
first comes the human messenger second comes the divine mail
Third is the beauty
As the sweetest SWEETSWORDS unification duty
It is as if tale of Robinson Crusoe
First it was his Physical humane agreement with Friday then theirs arguments over artificial Picasso
Yes it is the art of communication that reveals the beauty of curious
Therefore setting is thus
With true Fitrath the Siddique instinct hands over the state affairs to the mind the BE AQL Omar the Argus
The mighty guardian the ever vigilous
Till for pity Ummah desired the most loving Ya Nafsi heart
Under Osman Gani under Islamic diktat
For final goal
Under khilafath of soul of soul
Ya ALI the Athamaram
The scientific man with Marrifatic charm

Mr Barzakh Fitrath ullah : [ MATTER ] I am matter the material of this creation
Yet i matter not because i am the innate FITRATHULLAH intuition
I am the matter the unseen BARZAKH carcass
I am the foundation of all man mineral gas and grass

Dr Humayun Nafsi Natram : [ TIME ] I am the river of life the ever flowing time
I am the most loving desire the most hated NAFSI crime
I am the temptation the water of life
I enjoin every do and don't of every men and wife

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta :[SPACE] I am the container what holds every thoughts within the space of the mind
I am the light what reveals the dark realms for the every lost kind
I am the intelligence what illuminates every unknown
I am the space what is needed by every seeded idea what needs to be sown

Poga Pundit Atmaram :[SOUND] I am the spoken words the ruhani sound
I am the immaterial what begets the sky and the ground
I am what i am the very vibrational norm
Without me nothing can come about because i am the the all relative RUHANI OMM

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : [EARTH ] I am the innate essence of baked clay the vehicle for water fire and air
I am the living essence for this barren earth that bores this fertile SANSAR
I am alive yet i don't have love of life or fear of death
I inhale the dark dusk and exhale bright dawn breath
I am bluntness of rock without intelligence without desire devoid of spirit
I am the essence of body skin bone and meat
I am what i am as i know through my instinct
Without me none can survive all will extinct

Dr Humayun Nafsi Natram : [ WATER ] I am the water that resurrects the dead earth
I am the fluid that begets every living desire to take birth
With my thirst i consume the immaterial BARZAKH veil
and reveal the green green grass to tell theirs materialistic tale
I am the sea what begets every bubbling idea to take form
I am the foam that rumbles through every vibrational OM
I am the water the nectar of life
I am the water that turns the barren mother into pregnant wife
I am the desire without wisdom without intuition devoid of spirit
I am the water that mold this earthen meat

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : [ FIRE ] I am the fire the burning news
I am the light the intelligent use
I am the fire that bakes this earth and water into perfect shape
I am the intelligent light that distinguish divine ADAM from earthen APE
I am the fire heat and light that envelopes this water and earth
I am the womb that holds this cosmic egg for intelligent birth
I am the fire the burning issue mother of all hot topic
I gave this innate clay and anxious water the intelligent link
I work without impulsive intuition without carnal desire without spiritual crisis
I work with the divine information to produce every intelligent genesis

Poga Pundit Atmaram : [AIR ] I am the air the living breath of GOD
I am the spirit the word of LORD
I am the air the living breath for Alaqa Mudga And Lahem
I am the air that turns blacksmith's fire his watery sweat his earthen rust to artful gem
I am the air the heir of ALLAH
I am the word the messenger RUHALLAH
I am what i am there is nothing like me
For every physical BARZAKH barrier for every BE AQL mental lock for every MOHA NAFSI longing link i am the illuminating key
I am from YA ALI the most high to unite every low
I am from immortal ALLAH the living breathing law
I am the air the living spirit
I am without mental crisis emotional turmoil devoid of physical problematic meat

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah :[THE WEAK NUCLEAR FORCE ] I am the Fundamental weak force the innate Fitrathullah decay
I shed the cellular wastage the hairs and nails of this useful clay
I am what i am without me there can be none
I am the no body relation of this meat blood and bone

Dr Humayun Nafsi Natram : [ELECTROMAGNETISM ] I am the Gravitation the Nafsi mega pull
I am the energy drink the watery Joule
I am who i am and you are who you are
But without me there will be no desire to live or die in this Akhndamandalakar Sansar

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta :[ GRAVITATION ] I am the Electric
The mental BE AQL trick
I pull and repel i love and hate
I combine all the relations into the singular rate
I am i know because i am the all knowing ILM
I am the blind electromagnetic frame of every viewing film

Poga Pundit Atmaram : [THE STRONG NUCLEAR FORCE] I am the strongest of all the fundamental force
I am the Physical happiness with the Ruhani remorse
It is i who write this book of life with four letter history
It is i who combine the rhythm of chromosome into the Alphabetical A T C G category
I am what i am because i am the RUH
I if you think some one is above me then you tell me WHO

Barzakh : From automatic Fitrath of Ummul Muminin Bibi Khadijah
Came the natural law of belief the innate intuitive MUHAMMADAN Majejah
Then from Nafsi Nature of mother Jaynab
Came the limit of desire and the totality of love
And from Be Aql wisdom of Ummul Muminin bibi aysha Bint Abu Bakar
Came the mental dilemma to obey the leader or to declare the camel war
With the wisdom and logic as she tried to save the Ummah
As the protective Ammah
Yet from the Ruhani level Ummul Muminin Bibi Salamah
Asked for the spiritual consultation
The only WOMAN in the creation
To whom MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim in person
Offered marriage Proposition
And was included in the house of purity
It is here where Bibi Khadijah remains the base of all belief
She reached beyond all levels of Iman Amal and Ehsan without any near proximity
From there the four essence of four Shahaba
Came by the fitrathullah ink Nafsi writer Be Aql books and the Ruhani Kaaba
From There the four essence came to the four school
By the four class of Fitrath Nafs Aql and Ruh in Fiqh and Usul
From there came the highest blessing the Ruhani Marrifa
Highest of all Alims Imam ALI MORTUZA'S Imam Abu Hanifa
And from Be Aql reasonings of Omar Bin Khattab
Came the greatest reasoning to Maliki Maqtab
It is he who understood with his Be Aql mind that SUNNAH cannot be uttered with impure body
Then from among the Nafsi Ummyyad clan came desire of Imam shafi's love of Hadith study
To comprehend the SUNNAH with greatest love
Risala of ISLAMIC relation from Shafi e Maqtab
Then from Fitrath Ullah essence of Abu Bakar Siddique
Came the Master of SUNNAH Imam Hanbal with his Quranic Fiqh
It was he who understood with his Fitrathullah veil
That Al Quran is uncreated message of ALLAH not his created mail
From there the four essence of Fitrath Nafs Aql and Ruh
Came into the books of Wali awliya's Sharriatic code and Marrifatic clue
From the the Fitrathullah essence of Abu Bakar Siddique's knowledge of Kursi
Came the master of the Arabic Marrifa the Arayan Salman Farsi
And from the Be Aql wisdom of Omar Bin Khattab
Came the knowledge of pen via Sufian Thawri and Jaber ibnul Hayan and Theirs Arabi Farabi Sarwardi's mystical Kitab
And from Nafsi desire of Osman Bin affan
Came the owner of most desired cloak of naked the Wais Kuruni Jubba Khan
Yes it is the most difficult makam that of Nafsi Ammara
The thirst of men what is far greater than arid Sahara
only two groups of men who can overcome it are from Masters of Fitrath And Ruh
Yet woman's are many among them men are very few
Among the woman who overcame it are Maryum Bint Imran and Seetha Bint Janak
Who remained pure through out False accusation the rumor mongers roorback
And the wife of worldy God Feraun and unmarried Rabia
Who choose world of Akhira instead the pleasure of this Duniya
Yet full mystery of this duniya or that of Akhirath is impossible without the full knowledge of Spirit
And spiritual oceans runs through the blood of Ahle Baith Via ALI MORTUZA'S Laduni lotus feet
Through him
The heir of MUHAMMAD Sallel la Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
Came the King of Hindustan Moinuddin Chisti and the Emperor of the Cosmos ABDUL QADIR JILLANI
No one can reach up or down without climbing his stairs of the Ruhani
These are the reality of Fitrath Nafs Aql and Ruh
The essence of Fitrathullah Abraham
The essence of Nafsi Adam
The essence of Be Aql Moses and the essence of the Ruhani Jishu
All equals Are the essence yet Ruh is highest on can climb and Fitrath is the lowest one can fall
Between them they are one and only high low what creates every short and tall
And between Nafsi desire and logical Be aql
Nafs is the unruly bull what can be controlled by the yoke of feminine Be aql Hal
If You take the seed as the Fitrath the trunk as the Nafs The petal as the Aql And the fruit as the Ruh
You will see the seed and the fruit what holds Forrest within them are the cargo
While trunk and petal are the material for the Noah's Canoe
Can't you see oh BE AQL When Prophet MUHAMMAD
Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim said Muslim tree is date palm
He was not indicating to Arabian botany but date palm is the tree without branches like the DEEN of ISLAM
ISLAM doesn't have any branches but ISLAM comes in many many bunch
It can even come as the seedless Minus Baba date the Ruhani ALI BABA lunch

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