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Coma ii

I am diving I am whirling
I am sweeping through the sky
I am laughing I am crying
I can't believe that I can fly
In the distance they are flying with me
In a lazy crazy non racing type of race
But they keep such a distance from me
So I cannot really see any face
They are calling to me
A delightful wall of sound
That is suddenly fading
I am crashing to the ground

I can hear other voices
They are gathered around me and near
They are talking there about me
Do not know or care that I can hear

They are calling again there for me
Laughing voices up there on high
I am waiting for my moment
To join them by and by
Just a mental muscle flexing
And I am up there and away
A timeless sort of being
Is it night or is it full day
They are just a little closer
Encircling enclosing me
Come just a little closer
Give me faces I can see

They are careful oh so careful
With their needles and tubes and lights
I hear them hum and whistle and beep
There beside me through the night

There is music there is colour
There is joy and there is love
As they whirl and dive around
On each side and under and above
They are telling me the time is near
For me to take my place
I will know the moment
When I can see a face
I will know my time of passage
When I take that extended hand
To take and draw me tenderly
Into my promised land

Oh how I wish that they would leave
Please just go away
There is no dignity lying here
For another wasted day

They are gathered there beside me
I can hear low sad tears
Now surely they must realise
They hold me prisoner here
They are looking at the dials
Checking their constant display
I think they have decided
And I'll be soon on my way
I hear the little click of switch
Between machine and me
See all those laughing well known faces
Then finally I am flying and I am finally free

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