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 STANDING THE PAIN (2) (Sestina)


~Standing The Pain (2)~

I often think of you into the night,and that's every single day and night.
And I had played back into my mind, all the good times that we had.
I can't stop thinking of you this way,and wishing that there was a way
To make all these tears and pain disappear and dry forever my tears.
But I love you no matter what, and I still think of you and of our love.
You were my light but then you went away and for me there was no more light.

You were a light and from the first moment I saw you,made me also see the light
And every night with your love you brought me a radiant light into my night
With your love you made me realize once and for all what really was true love
Because love like yours I never ever before had...really had
You healed my tears, my pain, and somehow you dried my tears
That was the way it was and I couldn't help but love you in every single way

In every way I know that I've loved you all those years in every single way
I liked the way that in your eyes reflected the light, in the room the sunlight.
For so long you made me forget my own pain and tears, you wiped away my tears
And daydreaming of you I spent whole days and night, of you I dreamt every night
You were the most wonderful dream, the best dream that I've ever ever had
My love I loved you so much and all that I wanted from you was also your love

You woke me with love and rekindled in me such tenderness and passion for love
In so many ways you showed me so much about love's way
I truly enjoyed all those moments that we had...those blissful years that we both had
You were my light, and sunshine for so long, you were my sunlight
When the night arrived, you were the stars that guided me straight into the night
So many tears I've cried! You were the only one that dried my eyes when they had tears

You wiped always my tears, my eyes when I cried and you saw my tears
Love for as long as I live, I will never ever forget your love.
Nights are not the same.Days will never be the same nor will be any night
You were so special to me in so many ways...in every single way
You brought me light and love and smiles and all the sunshine's light
We had such a wonderful time, you were the best thing that I've ever had

Before I met you, I had no one like you,nobody has given me what you had
I've cried so many tears, then you came and wiped away every single one of my tears
With a light heart you brought me to this very wonderful place so full of light.
Without your love I cry because you taught me everything about love
And I'll love you always no matter what in my own way, in every single way,
Every night I've learned how to live with this pain... every single day and night

Now His love gives me the strength, that without you I never had
I know that I love Him every night and day,in every single way
And He loves me so much and shows me all His  wonderful light...

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Author's note.

Playing with this form (:just a second variation from the original one.

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