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 From the Heart Through the Pen

Letting Go

Have you ever wrote just to write
Just get those things off your chest
Your hearts just trying to fight
The pain that it continues to go through
You're uncertain of what to do

Has your face worn the smile
While your heart wears the frown
Uncertain of how long misery will hang around
Sorry but this write isn't to encourage you
Just going to relate to you

Why does the lady or man
Want the one
They'll never understand
They're so far out their reach
But no matter how many times
The Good Lord tries to teach
We just never learn
What we know is wrong
Is exactly what we yearn

I learned a few months ago          
Of this lesson
Still reaping what I sow
But there's been an ease
On the constant stressing
I got rid of my troubles
But what I thought was subtle
Was obvious to everyone
But it's all good
I'm giving my life
Back to God and His Son

So many women I met
And I promised them
No more bad days
Baby I'll keep you simply amazed
But it doesn't matter what I say
Doesn't matter what I do
They're just not satisfied
They love that bad boy
So what should I do
I guess after all
I will encourage you
Wouldn't be me
Is I didn't have a message
That was positive
So here's the advice that I'll give

You gotta find someone
Who'll give you memories
Of a true man or woman
Someone that knows how to please
Love isn't lost
It's just waiting to be found
Problem is
It's right in front of you
Trying to make a sound
Instead of looking so hard
Looking so far
Just listen close
And be ready to feel it, embrace it
Because it's reaching out to you
Close enough to kiss you

You want to find the one who is true
Who you don't have to worry
About being faithful
Well here's a clue
Stop holding on to the past
You know
The memories of the one
Who didn't last
Once you let go
You'll surely fall
But you can get right back up
Baby truly, that's what's up

You may think that love escaped you
But realize that blessings come in disguises
Just like angels
Sometimes to get to Heaven
You have to go through Hell
The one who will have the key
Really may not be the one who set you free
In no way am I saying
Letting go is that easy
But if I can
Then so can you, trust me

¥☼MOI☼¥  18 Sep 06

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