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 Closing a Chapter
This is about a time in my life that few ppl know about.  I was ashamed to even talk about it when it went on.  But growing older I've come to realize…you don't have a handle on everything in life.  Life is throwing things like this at everyone and how you handle it helps you grow.  It helps you learn.  I hope from this that some learn from some of the tests that I've been through.  Always keep the faith.  Trust me when I say that He's always keeping the faith…in you, in us all!

The darkest of all times
Your boy found himself
Hit with allegations
That had the possibility
To land him in prison
You may think this an overreaction
But this was quite a predicament
That I found myself in
And that's when I started slipping
I lost my faith little by little
Never had I known
That my tears had such a deep well
All that I let go
Could save any country in a drought
Oh the pain I felt
Turned to a sin
That most of us fall victim too
Thought this happiness
Would cure my stress
But it only added to it
Blind at the moment
It would be a long while
Before I was able to see
This test I had failed
Oh so miserably
Finally I was able
To pull myself out of self pity
So much drama
To form my own soap
It's a wonder
How I was able to cope
But through it all
God was by my side
Always ready willing and able to fight
All I needed was to pay attention
To just one of his signs
I've been through some girls
Who only knew how to play games
I also lost a True Beauty
My one and only Rainbow
One whom I won't ever forget her name
It took some time
But of one of these players
I was able to let go
God knows what strength that took
Now I carry myself
With a whole new outlook
The weight I beared
God has cast off my shoulders
With His forgiveness
What do you know
So much less stress
In now comes back happiness
Now I'm able to do
What I feared
I wouldn't be able too
This chapter's close to its end
A moment that will be bittersweet
But long overdue
So in need of completion

¥☼MOI☼¥  18 Sep 06

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