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Political Poison

I wanna start a commotion that will get every emotion in motion; hopefully stir the inner being like a violent ocean as I give a devotion of poetic notion.
I'll start by spitting this poison potion back in Bush face, you know, just to give him a free sample of how this bulls**t tastes.  Doing nothing but laying this country to waste and shipping out boat loads of troops like they're nuclear waste.
I knew we were f**ked when you stole the first race, especially after 9/11 and that look on your face.  What World War II vets call "the thousand yard stare" because, the lights are on, but there's no body there.  Yet you're trying to make life hard here.  Things won't be right until the end of your last year.  Well, the years in between we've got a lot to fear because, at the birth of this poem, it's just his first year, but the second of a successfully stolen presidency and a chance to finish what was only in its infancy because, this was his contingency, see.  He's got big plans for this country.  I swear I wish it were up to me.  Clinton would still hold office, see.  He's about the only white n*gga I know.  Nine-eleven wouldn't have happen and we wouldn't be at war.  Well he may be getting down with some two-bit-whore, but we wouldn't have terrorist beating down our door.
Instead we're stuck in the hands of George "Dub-ya" Bush, whose always being told what buttons to push.
You start a war with Iraq, now you talk about North Korea and Iran?  When will you focus on the issues at hand?  We hear a lot about what goes on in Afghanistan, but nothing about the pursuit of the Taliban or the latest efforts to find Bin-Laden… we haven't forgotten.
Instead you give us Saddam like we could give a damn.  Capturing him was part of your scam to see how many U.S. Troops his nation would cram.  Now that stunt put terrorism at its peak.  You see these "third world" countries, aren't necessarily weak.  It's your rotten soul that makes you reek.  You pray to God it doesn't leak, that the U.S. President is actually weak.   He's a string puppet, hell, a Muppet at best.  I wouldn't want my "leader" to fail a breathalyzer test.  He's already gotta few DUI's, yet he's the one on which this nation relies?  Those are the hands in which national security lies?  He'll steer us to our own demise.  Especially economically and f**ck poverty this'll be the Great Depression pt II, times three.  And black folks are f**ked he's already shown his bigotry by declining an electoral interview on B.E.T.  That shows what he thinks of the black community and if it doesn't speak to you; it speaks with great volume to me.  And it tells me, "This is the era of travesty.  Sort of a New World Order by the disorderly."  And reportedly we'll all be pawns in a government anomaly.  So f**k the past; its history, this country thrown to misery and our future f**ked deliberately.
However, this poison must run its course and its venom has a four year source and I'm sorry, but my poem has run its course.

©2004 All rights reserved. This poem may not be used or duplicated in part or whole wihtout the express consent of Jak'ki "Parris" Johnson.

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