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My poetry's never been like this before and it may lyrically star a war.  One unlike anything heard before.  Neighbors will knock on neighbors' door so they don't become causalities' of war.
          I've always known politicians could be racist and their politics racial, but then I heard it for myself and got an earful.  Barbra Bush thinks Astro Dome accommodations are suitable.  Have you been to New Orleans to get a snootful?
          There are the dead and dying everywhere but that's suitable?  People are being raped and murdered, but that's suitable?  Relief efforts were delayed?  That's a load of bull.  And it's that same s**t that's got you full.  You dump it on us in heaping handfuls and we throw it at you as rebels.  We refuse to eat your S**tty Pebbles.  You help yourself to heaping mouthfuls.
          My Granddaddy was right when he said you were f**kin' devils.  He said, "Son, learn to take em on all levels.  Become so versatile you spit lyrical so when you're challenged by their best; you can burn em up and beat em to def and do the same to any challenger left.
          Ya'll started this whole damn thing so technically I aint stating nothing.  You brought the chaos, drama, and everything.  We never heard the bell of freedom ring.  Ya'll free to do ya'll d**n thing and we c'aint do a gat-d**n thing.
          That's why when we fight; we're wild when we swing, to break away any invisible bonding.  Give us free to do our thing cause ya'll f**kin up the whole d**n thing.
          I know I'm an urban king amonge kings, surpassed only by my Nubian Queens.  Now's the time for us to spread our wings… with authority, you can't destroy a bloodline of royalty.  No matter how much it's been soiled see, we ar born leaders and survivors.  We've honed our skills from what we've learned from the liars.  Their best idea was to steal others desires, kill them, and dance around corps bon-fires.
          You've emplanted a spark that will rage into a flame.  And don't look around you've got yourselves to blame.  It was always a paranoid racial claim when it was said a racial card had been played, but we will not be played.  Foundations are not made they're laid and theses words are bricks being laid to repave the path previously laid, because I say again, we will not be played.

©2004 All rights reserved. This poem may not be used or duplicated in part or whole wihtout the express consent of Jak'ki "Parris" Johnson.

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