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She's very strong willed and has a heart that's true,
She would do anything you needed if she cared for you.
But many times she's let her strength get low,
from an internal battle that mostly she does know.
She asks nothing of anyone and just needs a friend,
yet she's gave so much of herself she feels she'll never win.
She doesn't use people but they take their turn at her,
she just wants a friend and a love that's sure.
People don't see inside her like i do,
If they ever did they'd find a love that's true.
She dresses how she likes and don't put on a show,
but if you look in her eyes you'll see an infinite glow.
Her soul has drifted and drifted and found the form she's in
if you saw her through my eyes you'd see she has no sin.
Just some soft kisses and a warm body to hold,
would mean more to her than all the worlds gold.
A lot of people look at her and have judgment to say,
but if God wanted her different he would of made her that way.
So who is man to judge one of on Gods children,
isn't that on the top of the list of the things called sin.
My only suggestion for you my friend Kathy,
don't try to force a relationship just wait patiently.
Then when your not looking you'll find the love you sought,
and it will replace the pain from all the wars you've fought.

Stanley Victor Paskavich
October 3 2006

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