Celina Adrian

30,211 poems read

"new york"

what happened since
the last time
new york city
held me in it's arms
my space and true religions
and noone stays in relationships
not even us
going going gone
and there was no back door
to let her out of
new york -
wild and free
and I was in love
new york -
she appeared
and I will never forget
that first time I saw her
that moment she stood and stared
into my heart
I call out to the one who bares her soul
for all to see her
for who she was
who she is
who she will become
I call out for her to see me, again -
back then, old beautiful winterous city
blowing white smoke in december
and we craddled each other
to keep warm -
make us both new with that old love
new york
take me back
to that birthplace
of my butterfly
take me back
to that moment
my beautiful friend
new york
take me
to her