Words unspoken, Words unread!

Why did I have to grow?

Just reminiscing about my life,
Thinking back when as a child.
Out walking with my family,
Watching badgers in the wild.

Picking berries for my mother,
Hazelnuts from the trees.
The sight of the lonesome butterfly,
The sound of the bumble-bees.

Seeing lizards basking in the sun,
Sighting fox cubs down a hole.
Gathering fists of lush green grass,
Feeding a horse and foal.

Running through fields of buttercups,
Wading in the stream.
Dad would take me fishing,
"Was this just a childhood dream?"

Oh no! I know what my eyes did see,
Tracking footprints through the snow.
Making dens and having fun,
Why did I have to grow?

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