Words unspoken, Words unread!

Forever Swansea...

Bright blue skies in the summer sun,
The birds among the trees.
The golden sands of Swansea Bay,
The calmness of the seas.

As I walk along these golden sands,
I watch each breaking wave.
The inshore lifeboat comes along,
But there's no-one here to save.

Hundreds of bathers on the beach,
In the water having fun.
Surfers, men with fishing rods,
All basking in the sun.

Barbecues and fizzy drinks,
Thermos flasks with tea.
Families sat eating lunch,
Just lazing by the sea.

The sounds of laughter fill the air,
Seeing lovers hand in hand.
Walking down to Swansea Docks,
Leaving footprints in the sand.

My memories of years gone by,
Of my walks along the shore.
Such times I hold within my heart,
And I will for ever-more........

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