Words unspoken, Words unread!

Love of my life.........

I sat alone and wondered why!
My heart was in pieces, I began to cry.
My eyes were wide open, but i could not see,
For the girl I adored could be taken from me.

Two years had passed since I last saw your smile,
When you spoke of red roses, as we sat for a while.
We talked of the future and the hopes we both had,
We planned to have children,"you and me", Mum and Dad.

Then we lay in the bath tub, scented candles all 'round,
When you showed me that lump on your breast that you'd found.
We spoke of the choices as we sat up all night,
You cried in my arms as I held you so tight.

You fought through the bad days with hope in your heart,
Then I knew that this cancer wouldn't tear us apart.
I saw all the pain, wiped the tears from your eyes,
My love never waned through the curses and cries.

Just then came the news we had prayed so much for,
The chemo' had done it, you had cancer no more.
We looked at each other, gave a loving embrace,
For the first time in ages I saw that smile on your face.

Now I look to the heavens, see the stars in the skies,
No pain in my heart, no tears in your eyes.
I tell you I love you, you're the love of my life,
In a world of such beauty, now that you are my wife.  

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