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If you have negative feelings, write them down and write them down here.


She still loves you
She still gets you
She meets the requirements
As defined by SEIU 503
Our union for our labor at work
They are what I am not with you
They add injury to insult
My jealousy thus justified
Not all my fault
They are listed below
They leave my soul hurting so
And you'll not be manipulated
You'd rather not be related
To me; however, legally domestic partner to she
And I wonder why I hurt
And I wonder why I choose to flirt
With losing what we do together
As it's Monday again, alone, cold windy weather
And I don't know what to do
And I don't know how I'll get through
This night at that office there alone
Weighted down by a heart of stone
That isn't going to end
Until I find the way to mend
The stone's heaviness that hides
Weighing down all my insides
Letting my heart's blood flow slower
Because you choose to stay and know her
And not know me
To the degree
Stated below
Perhaps it's time I let you go.

10/30/2006 1855 cj

"YOUR DOMESTIC PARTNER-your domestic partner
 is eligible to apply provided that you apply
 for the coverage for yourself and that your
 relationship meets the following criteria:

1)         You are each 18 years of age or older;
2)         Share a close personal relationship and
            are responsible for each other's common
3)         Are each other's sole domestic partner;
4)         Are not married to anyone nor have had
            another domestic partner within the
            prior six months;
5)         Are not related by blood closer than would
            bar marriage in you state of residence;
6)         Have jointly shared the same regular and
            permanent residence for at least six months;
7)         Are jointly financially responsible for
            basic living expenses as defined as the
            cost of food, shelter, and any other expenses
            of maintaining a household."
From SEIU 503 Union September, 2006

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