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 A few of my Quotes
These are things that go through my mind, you may find some of them similar to others writings, yet i do not try to re-do another's work, I personally hate to read, and since i graduated in 1977 i have read only two books cover to cover, and no the bible wasn't one. Any way i hope you find some kind of enjoyment in my comments they work for me in my reality, they do not to have to work for yours, i am just posting them as perhaps food for thought.


The wheel of life has many spokes yet many people never leave the hub.
Total enlightenment is " Vision Without Purpose!!!

The problem with a Unitarian church or religion is there's no "you!" in unity!

Too many preachers speak at their group, and far too often they speak for God instead of about God!

I am a spiritualist this is my agenda, spirituality runs on four elements, Diversity,mysticism, good and evil. Remove one element and life wouldn't be worth living after time.

Disagreements are meant to happen for if we all believed the same, without diversity and mysticism what would we talk about?

"I have my thoughts, you have your own, yet we may disagree, all concepts are valid!".

The last time i talked to God, he listened,the last time he talked to me i didn't.

" Often it's not what you will say next, that is important, it's what you may never say that sometimes is".

" I don't want to rule the world, but please God let me rule my life!"

Eyes are pools to infinity, some are deep and some are shallow.

Grow within yourself then others will grow around you.

We reflect off one another so many can see.

Talk from your heart not a book it's easier to remember then.

Basically all the religions,sciences and powers of the world boils down to a simple truth "The Best Story Teller will win in the end !".
It's not whose name is carved on your head stone, it's whose name u leave carved in humanities heart and on their lips, that leaves your mark.

Truth is all you need, listen to your own thoughts from your heart not another's mouth !

Reality is in the mind of the eye !

When it's all over and the dust from our Ancestors bodies and our own settle from the four winds only then will we see that we were here!

Were just glitter in the mirror of life i am your mirror, you are my reflection.

Don't take my hand don't take my heart don't take me, just be patient and i will be there for you.

A glass is never empty it always has light and molecules and air in it.

Sins come out of the mind not into the body.

If your seeking something you will never find it, seek what is within you and what is around u will appear.

It's not what u have that is important, it's not what you want that is important, it's not what you believe that is important it is what "IS" is that is important.  

A difference is a difference it's effect is not always calculable

Lies are easy fabricating the truth is a task.

I'm on the outside looking at the outside i enjoy it and i suggest if you get there never look back..

It is said Gods powers are limitless.. so then he could if he wanted make a stone so large even he could not move it.. funny though after he did he would have a limitation... we create stones we cannot lift every day their called obstacles they block the site of your Goals....

Life isn't about working it is about living... you live to work... u don't work to live.

Were infinite energies... how u live is the importance.. how you die is insignificant!

Any belief system is good as long as you believe in it.. and don't use it as a weapon against some one elese's...

Don't live by my words, don't die by them, chew them slowly digest them, and smile if they give nourishment to your soul.

Believe what you believe and it will be,
 believe what others believe and they will consume you!

The thickness and knowledge in a book has no value, the secret is to know when to turn the page

Were all on similar paths of enlightenment, yet the secrets only unfold in the right places of you journey.

When you stop worrying about dying you'll start remembering how to live!

TPT (Truth Peace Tranquility)

(Revised 11/08/06)

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