Shoot Out at Gretna Green!

I wrote this for two friends on their fortieth wedding anniversary. They did run away and get married at Gretna Green in Scotland when they were both sixteen.

Davey is a wonder! People wonder why?
Everyone who met him, quickly passed him by;
Except that bonnie lassie he whisked to Gretna Green,
He had to get her there fast without ever being seen!

His mother and his father were glad to see him go,
But the irate future in-laws took a shotgun to the show.
They found him at the altar and fired off the gun,
The minister raced out the door with pellets in his bum.

Everything was patched up, the minister soon returned,
A couple of patches showing where his posterior had been burnt.
Dave said, "Jan my darling, I take thee for my bride,
Jan said, "Thank you davey, I'll take you for a ride."

Forty years have passed since that amazing day,
When that bonnie lad and lass, crossed the border far away.
Theirs' has been a story of incredible delight,
They have proved to everyone, marriage is not a blight.

Copyright November 2006 Robert Cartwright_Davidson

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Shoot Out at Gretna Green!

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