The Cracksman

I called out in my anguish, to God the mighty king;
He is the Lord and Master of every single thing.
I put my faith and trust in Him, He would answer me,
"You are the God of miracles, so set my spirit free."

I pleaded for protection, for my children, day by day;
I saw their downward flight as their lives went all astray.
My faith remained unwavering, as I called to God above,
"Save them from disaster, overwhelm them with your love!"

Hope is the only answer, in this great divided land,
Faith is the key to heaven, so I grabbed it by the hand.
Yet problems I've encountered, sorry there's only one,
The key fits in the keyhole, but it wont even turn.

I've been told that 'Three-in-one' will loosen up the lock:
God our Father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus, The Mighty Rock.
Yet despite all my efforts and the help of my best friends,
The key wont budge a tiny inch, it's driving me round the bend.

The Cracksman is the answer, with His assorted mix,
Of many bits and pieces to free me from this fix.
He is there to help me , through every stubborn gate,
His timing is precise and he's never, ever late!

It is God The Holy Spirit who is the motivating force;
He is here beside me, I'd forgotten, but of course,
If we follow His instructions and let Him be our guide,
The gate will quickly open and we'll all be safe inside!

Copyright November 2006 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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The Cracksman

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