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Let's put your toys away son
This place is really a mess
We are going to pick up your daddy
It is time that we got dressed

Mommy I am ready to go
I'll be waiting out in the car
Let's sit and wait for his train
Glad we don't have to go far

I can see all of the soldiers
I just can't see which one is dad
None of those guys look like him
Why do they look so sad

Mommy why are you crying
What did those men say
Why are we just sitting here
How long must we stay

Why is Daddy just sleeping there
Don't understand why he won't play
Please mommy, lets all go home
We have been here all day

What is wrong with our house
Why is daddy going to a better place
Can I talk to daddy mommy,
Can I just touch his face

Mommy says you have to leave
Cause God has a place for you to stay
She said we could talk every day
As we kneel at night to pray

Not sure where you are going daddy
But I guess I don't need to know
Please make some room for me
Cause that's where I want to go.

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