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It grows
All through my life

The times of happiness
And strife
Here in my poetry
It is the place I love to be

Words flow
Do you know
How it feels
The will

To pen full force
What comes out of the resource
Of my soul
These heartunes they must roll

I can't help it
Constant understanding

From the voice inside
That speaks to me
I believe it's from God
And you can think I'm odd

For thinking so
It is the way to go
The love through all
I do let fall

There in myself
The perfect wealth
Never alone
God is my home

Where I am protected
My trespasses corrected
By all that is good
It spreads through my life as it should

That song I sing silently
As all these words flow out of me
Simplicity, literally, it's my truth in poetry---
Emotions propagating creativity.


1/16/2007 1810 cj

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