Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Plastered, from head to toe

For the moment,
The wind has cried.
Blankets of fury
And nonsense by
The moonlight
Drift to eyesight
And lose luster
In confusion.
A coffin plants
Itself in thought
And it's an open
Casket funeral,
For the dying of
A thought is
Always cause for
Celebration by the
Public eyes.
Wishes ungranted,
Tainted and trampled
Upon the feet
Of seers far more
Graced than rulers
And kings.
Sidenote, sticky
Fingers pluck
Decency with ease
From strangers
Dancing on street
Corners, begging
For change.
Chance it,
A nickel makes
Someone's meal
As commoner's feast on
Public lice.
Rings, fingers
And the promise of
Eternity have
Littered insanity
With drips of
Peace, and war
Rages on in the
Hearts of those
Tripping and traipsing
Away from the
Lack of promise
Of peace,
Clouds ask favors
For rain to
Plaster the good
Deeds reserved for
With an ungodly
Case of pneumonia,
The kind that
Will catch them
In the gentle
Of thier sleep.
Hazard signs,
The deaf have
Heard it loud
And clear,
While the listless
Wonder where
The warning was
Before chaos
Claimed humankind,
Without any kind of
The moon is
Glaring tonight,
Shelling frustration
Among the masses,
Who can't
Believe (and therein
Lies the problem)
That god would
Ever betray them.
Solitude devours
The shivers of
However many children
Saw death before
They were old
Enough to understand
How a
Being dies.
Smokey glass,
Ever so tinted
Bars where
Random no one's
Suck the life
Out of cigarettes,
The best
Candy they ever had.
They made
Morons out of man,
Everyone watched
And died laughing.
Their funerals,
For all to see.
Necklaces made out
Of human stupidity.
Wear it often.
A pleasure of time
Spent dining in
Expressed at will,
Or if the
Next person expressed
It first.
Death looks like
Periwinkle as it
Death looks
Delicious as it's

January 9, 2007

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Plastered, from head to toe

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