Straight To The Heart

It's Brad

To my nephew, Bradley Wayne Whittaker

born -March 18,  1986

I remember going to the hospital
the day that you arrived
I thanked God you were okay
this new one had survived

Your mom was tired, but she loved you
right from the very start
She held you close to her that day
and you're never far a part

I know you're just my nephew
you are not my little boy
But Brad you give my life such love
my heart is filled with joy

I've watch you grow from inches
to the man that you are now
The thoughts I have are many
I can truly just say, "WOW"

The gentle man that I talk to
is the gentlemen I dreamed you'd be
And I praise God for who you are
and I pray that you can see

You are a Whittaker by birth rights
a child of God by His precious grace
I pray you'll keep Him in your sights
till the day you see His face

I've always been so proud of you
for being just who you are
A son, father, nephew, and grandson
but you're my bright star

I get so excited when we talk
those days I don't feel so bad
I jump in happiness when I see that name
then I yell, "It's Brad"

What a great man you have come to be
isn't being a father swell?
You are a blessed young man Brad
and you are happy, I can tell

Please keep your eyes on Jesus
every day of your life
You will always know happiness
not bitterness and strife

He gave you life, that you might live
to be the best man you could be
He shed His blood for you that day
Upon Calvary's tree

Brad I could go on and on
about what you mean to me
Just remember my nephew, I love you
from now to eternity  

© Sherri Lynn Whittaker 2006

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It`s Brad

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