Karma Of Sarma 

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 You Wondered

I am not sure what happened, my precious.
I hold you so dear to my heart and mind.
My mind reflects back to passionate moments shared.
You touched my dormant spirits, awakening them to flight.
Lives' responsibility has you captive.
I wonder if you think about me.
About my body and the gifts it brought.
Do you replay my movements and erotic moans in your solitude?
I wish that you would give me a sign.
That all my thoughts are not blind;
My feelings are possible;
My time isn't wasted;
Your intentions were pure.

Perhaps it's my fault.  I was not completely honest with my feelings.
I get nervous around you.
Your presence sends warm sensual shivers through-out my body.
Before I see you, butterflies jump excitedly in my bile.
I feel your eyes touching my secret places, before I meet your gaze.
Silent passion creates tension between our souls.
I want to feel you.

I was over reacting.  You thought of me.
You thought about my bodies movements in reaction to your touch.
You wondered about me.

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