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 THEY  SING( Tritina Pentameter)


~They Sing~
(A Tritina poetry done in Pentameter)

This morn I seem to hear the Warblers sing
And it is one of the loveliest things
To think they build their nests among the trees

Then you can hear them singing from the trees
And with such melodious voice they all sing
While my mind think then just beautiful things

When the Warblers sing I dream of many things
Sometimes I catch them flying from many trees
And as they soar the sky one of them sing!

It sings while I think of things, birds andů trees!


Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000



Author's note:
 Some readers asked me some questions regarding this unique and beautiful bird,
 and here it is just some of what I know and have found it in the internet.
There's a large variety of Warblers, and here's just one of them:
The Bay-breasted Warbler is one of the more larger warblers measuring about 5-6" long with
 a wingspread of 8 1/4-9 1/4". They have short, slender, and sharp-pointed bills.
The male has chestnut-red throat, upper breast and sides area.
 The forehead, cheeks and a small space over the eye are deep black.
The sides of the neck are yellowish-white. Upperpart is ash-gray and streaked with black,
 two white wing bars, light brown legs, brown eyes and the rest of the underparts are a buff color.
 The female in spring is similar to the male but with the colors fainter and in Autumn is olive-green above.
Bay-breasted Warblers are very active, hopping about in thickets and leaves of trees in search of insects.
As with all warblers, they are migratory and can be seen as early as April in the Eastern US.
Song: The song of the Bay-breasted Warbler is a high-pitched, thin sibilant
 "tees teesi teesi" which is very similar to the Blackburnian.Well,and that's all!
I hope that this information about them, helps some of you who may be interested about them.

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