SWEETSWORDS 107 [ Masters and Monsters ]

SWEETSWORDS 107 [ Masters and Monsters ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
The silent thinking worry,
The horror story.
Why don't you stop.
The boring leaking tap,
The annoying repeating drop.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
The whispering word of consciousness,
Why don't you shout.
Do you have any answers,
Or are in full of doubt.
Tell me something apart from your sigh,
What is your hold back apart from the lie.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta :Dead master was very good master,
But we need living master now.
The knowledge needs mastery,
And master knows the know how.
Take the example of the light as the knowledge,
The lamp as the master,
And the darkness as the ignorant student.
Here knowledge is the provision, Student is the poverty,
And the master is prudent.
Therefore seek the master,
If needs be go door to door.
Because life is the path,
You are the runner,
But it is the master who makes the tour.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Doctor is dead now,
But his prescriptions lives.
Knowledge is the singular truth here,
Master's are the fibs.
Guru is this,
Guru is that,
Guru is my whatnot.
These are act's of the hypnotic charmers,
They employ this charms while milking the idiot.
If without master,
One cannot become wise.
Then who was the first master
And how did he realize.
The knowledge and know how needs teaching,
Therefore once you become true learner,
Then true God will do all the mastering.
He teaches human with the sign of the words,
And science of the pen.
He teaches humans from idle talk,
In wisdom to listen.
To make more clear,
Let me narrate you a story.
Therefore listen sincerely,
And you will learn all the God's glory.
One day one genuine Guru came face to face,
With one fake Guru,
And his true Chella.
For the Chella Guru was his true God,
Guru was his Allah.
At first genuine Guru was perplexed for a moment,
But because of his intelligence he overcame it in instant.
He knew it his duty to see that
The student becomes the master.
Because of his true devotion,
He is the true inheritor.
But his master lacks the capacity,
Therefore genuine master decided in pity.
To teach the fake Guru,
The true knowledge.
So in turn he can teach his student.
Here it is for the sake of Chella,
The stupid Guru becomes inteligent.
But I agree function of the master still remain still in need.
For even the basic how to write,
And to learn how to read.
I told you above story,
So you can understand the functions.
Once you understand the uses,
Then you can understand actions.
You can understand perplexity of the students,
And all the masterly solutions.
For example the functions of the light and the eye.
Vision is the only reality here rest are all lie.
Now if you take pen as the master,
And book as the knowledge.
But blind student can learn,
Without turning a single page.
He learns because of his necessity,
He learns because of his need.
His lack of eyes compels his ears, To hear and to read.
Here it is the intelect Al Aql,
The unborn undead the immortal.
It is the intelect that reside within the student,
And presides over the master.
And by intelligence knowledge can be achieved.
Through schools college,
And by information we hear and read.
Through the nature,
Through the science and through magic.
Through random stupidity,
And by choice of logic.
He knows knowledge can be achieved,
And wise are born regularly.
No master have monopoly over knowledge,
That's why knowledge is free.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta :
To learn the student needs the master,
Take the example of the eager learner.
The content driver,
And the care free car.
The car doesn't care,
If it is driven or if it is left in the showroom.
And the driver is content at long bitter road,
Or at home sweet home.
It is the learner who needs to pass,
Or take the difficult road to home,
By private foot or public bus.
Here the car is the knowledge,
And the driver is the master.
Therefore it is the learner who is in the need,
If he wants slow stroll or to go faster.
Stupidity can be free,
But knowledge demands value.
A calf can never go directly to udder,
Unless the cow direct it by educative clue.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Teaching will make stupid learned,
But you can't teach stupidity.
Stupidity is beyond education,
It is the part of the design of the divinity.
If driver teaches about vehicle,
Then who taught the man who invented the wheel.
A chef may teach art of gastronomy,
But the hungry have the knowledge of the meal.
It is the necessity that compels the learner to learn.
He learns like Newton, Galileo and Einstein,
From within by the Idiot proof information.
He learns from present instructor,
And previous instructions.
He learns from innate intuitions,
And impulsive intentions.
Therefore we don't need any more masters,
We have all the information we need.
We will continue to learn,
According to our requirement according to our need.
We have all the books,
Therefore masters are unnecessary.
Books are only true master here,
Rest are fake and forgery.
Allah said in Al Quran,
Read recite and proclaim.
With humbleness proclaim his name.
Therefore read and write,
So you may learn the wisdom.
It is not for all to become musical maestro,
But all can learn sense of the rhythm.
The rhythm of the heart,
Even Idiot knows of this cleaver art.
Who taught Monsur Hallaz and Socrates,
Death will make them forever living.
It is the knowledge what makes them who they are,
That innate knowledge from within improve theirs learning.
And for that learning we don't need teachers,
But we need the trainers.
We don't need the Guru,
We need instructors for the learners.
We don't need the Guru God Man devils,
The barks like dogs.
We don't need rapist Mullah,
Who harks like hogs.
We need professional guide,
Like Doctors Engineers and Plumbers,
Authors and Scientists and Lumbers.
We don't need child molester brother padre,
Or sex therapist guru baba.
We have the Greatest master,
Who taught Solomon to build the temple,
And Abraham to build the Kaaba.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Born stupid,
By the intelligent design.
The education of man sets them apart,
Naturally learned monkeys and swine.
Learning is the necessity,
Therefore Allah instruct men to learn.
By asking right and wrong actions,
The Alim who knows Al Quran.
There are the natural masters, Mother and father.
As calf is born and cow directs it to udder,
Without book without reader.
But learning process must go on,
As for the father so for the son.