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SWEETSWORDS 107 [ Masters and Monsters ]


By Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Hanuman Say's oh Shiv Shanku
Monkeys are people too
They are Saturday's suspicious fisherman and Sunday's sure Forrester
Monkeys are people too same as all those swine sinister

Ganesha Say's Frankenstein
Knife is yours but head is mine
He who have done this abomination of placing this mighty head upon this tiny carcass
Like the wheels of rickshaw under the omnibus
Please cut it off and make it right
Please make me the God not A parasite

Huma Say's Man made madame
And bone fide Adam
Original solo alone
And crowded synthetic clone
One for other and other for another
Separated single father and united brother
Man made madame and madame managed men
Pen creator BAK and book creator pen

Poga says in a foolington maze

The silent thinking worry
The horror story
Why don't you stop
The boring leaking tap
The annoying repeating drop

The wondering word of consciousness
Why don't you shout
Do you have any answer
Or are in full of doubt
Tell me something apart from your sigh
What is your hold back apart from the lie

The silent phonetic prayer
The counseling chamber
Why don't you come
The bounded hearty waterfalls
Through the broken eyelid dam

BE: Dead master was very good master but we need living master now
The knowledge needs mastery and master knows the know how
Take the example of the light as the knowledge the lamp as the master and the darkness as the ignorant student
Here knowledge is the provision student is the poverty and the master is prudent
Therefore seek oh BARZAKH if needs be go door to door
Because life is the river you are the boat and master is the oar

BA: Doctor is dead now but his prescriptions lives
Knowledge is the singular truth here master's are the fibs
Guru is this Guru is that Guru is my whatnot
These are act's of the hypnotic charmers they employ this charms while milking the idiot
If without master one cannot become wise
Then who was the first master and how did he realize
The knowledge and know how needs teaching
Therefore learn oh BE AQL if you can become true learner then true GOD will do all the mastering
He teaches human with the sign of the pen and science of the paper
He teaches humans with ignorant sufferings and wise tear
To make more clear let me narrate you a story
Therefore listen oh BE AQL listen truly and you will learn all the GOD'S glory
One day one genuine Guru came face to face
With one fake Guru and his true Chella
For the Chella Guru was his true GOD Guru was his ALLAH
At first genuine Guru was perplexed for moment but because of his intelligence he overcame it in instant
He knew it his duty to see that the student becomes the master
Because of his true devotion he is the true inheritor
But his master lacks the capacity
Therefore genuine master decided in pity
To teach the fake Guru the true knowledge
So in turn he can teach the student sage
Here it is for the sake of Chella the Guru becomes aware
But i agree function of the master still remain still demands satisfactory answer
I told you above story so you can understand the functions
Once you understand the functions then you can understand perplexity of the students and all the masterly solutions
For example the functions of the light the lamp and the eye's
Vision is the only reality here rest are the Lie's
Now if you take lamp as the master and light as the knowledge
But blind student can learn without theirs visionary way's
He learns because of his necessity he learns what he need
His lack of eye's compels his ear's to hear and to read
He hear and learns now the king no longer lives in Graceland
Because after conquering the land he went to heaven to conquer with his cosmic waveband
Now his palaces of air shelters earthly evil and heavenly angel
Now he went to conquer heaven and hell
Now through knowledge he can hear
In the school of music he was one of the greatest master
Here it is the knowledge AL AQL
The unborn undead the immortal
It is the knowledge that preside over the student and the master and he knows knowledge can be achieved
Through schools college and write and read
Through the nature through the science and through the magic
Through GODLY dogma and oddly logic
He knows knowledge can be achieved and geniuses are born regularly
No master have monopoly over knowledge that's why knowledge is free

BE: My GOD what a headache
Man stop it for god sake
Your madness have design
Like the beckon post without the sign
You mislead human with your mambo jumbo and abracadabra
Your lying revealing rope is really truly cobra
And reply to your functions sanctions and stupid story
Let me educate you don't worry
Take the example of the eager learner
The content driver and the care free car
The car doesn't care if it is driven or if it is left in the showroom
And the driver content at long bitter road or home sweet home
It is the learner who needs to pass
Or take the difficult road of long bendy bus
Here the car is the knowledge and the driver is the master
But it is the learner who is in the need if he needs to go faster
Therefore stop your arguments and surrender now
And learn without master the world lacks the knowledge the creation lacks the know how

BA: Teaching will make stupid learned but you cant teach stupidity
Therefore learn oh BE AQL stupidity is beyond education it is the part of the unknown divinity
If driver teaches about vehicle then who taught the man who invented the wheel
A chef may teach art of gastronomy but the hungry have the knowledge of the meal
It is the necessity that compels the learner to learn
He learns like newton Galileo Einstein from bible geeta puran and AL Koran
He learns from present instructor and previous instructions
He learns from innate intuitions and impulsive intentions
Therefore we don't need any more masters we have all the information we need
We will continue to learn according to our requirement according to our need
We have all the book therefore masters are unnecessary
Books are only true master here rest are forgery
ALLAH said in AL QURAN read recite and proclaim
With most beautiful names with most beautifully hymn
ALLAH said read by indicating to mark
The sign of trappers silent footprint and unseen Warner's bark
Therefore read and write so you may learn the wisdom
It is not for all to become musical maestro but all must become masters of the rhythm
The rhythm of the heart
Not any foolish what ever nor any cleaver art
OH BE AQL who taught Monsur Hallaz and Socrates death will make them forever living
It is the knowledge what makes them who they are so Mullah stop your bragging
And learn the fastest traveler is not the driver in the vehicle
But a man with the thought the transmittal BE AQL
He travels in the realm of knowledge by space less speed
He travels like inner command toward the outer heed

Be : Born fool by intelligent design
The riddle of Foolington Maze and SWEETSWORD forty nine
Ilm is necessity therefore ALIM is there as the natural masters mother and father
As calf is born as cow directs to udder without book without reader
But learning process takes its toll
ILM E MARRIFA compels each and every one and all
To read recite and proclaim
Name of GOD in praise and hymn
Therefore learn oh BARZAKH  The fastest`traveler is a three legged animal
The men on the stick the traveling tricycle
He places the stick as far as eye can see
And folds the horizons bellow his knee
He runs from macro to micro
Slower than collision faster than throw
He holds the stuff of moses for miracles to pick
He is the fastest traveler the man on the stick
He is the fastest traveler because he learned how to transmit
The message for he who mastered its inner and outer gist
He will not convey the message if the is no master to receive it and read
He testifies presence of master each time he greet hail and heed

BA : Guru Khidr and Chela Moses
Design of wisdom and learning process
Here Guru fails to teach yet Chela learns to master
The science of understanding past present and future
Here Khidr left him high and dry but Allah Will not deny his prophets
He taught moses all Al Khidrs hidden wisdom and manifest secrets
Therefore when he said your Ummah will not perform fifty salath at miraj night
Now every BeNamazi testifies moses knew the future and he was right
It also shows in the reach of wisdom who is highest of all alim
It shows rank of greatest master Muhammad sallel la hu alahi wa sallim
Because he knew as he received the gift from Allah
Moses Kalimullah is the best person to consult therefore he bypassed seventh heaven of Ibrahim Khalilullah
He Knew Moses mastered knowledge of Khidr without paying any heed
And he was true modest to cry to god for his personal need
But should Moses advice him for sake of his Ummah
Then he can present them six day's compulsory and seventh day Jummah
He Knew if he goes back then Allah will meet his Manath
But His Ummah will be deprived by glorious Salath
So he stopped at exact number prescribed by God
Yes he is the greatest master Muhammad
Sallel la hu alahi wa sallim
And all know he was illiterate he was not alim
He was not taught by any masters apart from Almighty Allah
La illa ha illel la Muhammad ur rasul Allah

BE : As stated by MUHAMMAD Sallal la hu alahi wa sallim
When ALLAH rubbed Adams back his progeny fell like grain of maize according to page of Tirmizi Hakim
Now as our DNA descends to earth through the spiral staircase of double helix
As we search for faith of rope to reach our heavenly matrix
Yet we still fall like corn cob pineapple or coniferous cone
We fall toward Satyagrathi area toward fibonacci zone
It is written in the divine page
The name of greatest master in the field of knowledge
He is the illiterate prophet of unreadble ALLAH

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