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In The Moment

It's lonely up here at the top. Where my
heart sings a lot. Yes, my good fortune
seems to never stop. Well, maybe
sometimes I get sad and I drop.

It's those expectations I guess as
people come and go. Can't say if they
were ever true, cuz they were to busy
singing some kind of blues.

Giving this story or that about how they
never been anything but last. They look
like they carry quite a heavy loaded bag.
Now that's very sad

Surly I'd say, you must know everything
begins and ends with where your head
is at. The thoughts of your future that
started in your past
Each moment you are awake, you've been given
Free Will to the decisions you make. Never
from another take, to win your not required
to play pretend or go out to far on a limb.

You have to live in this very moment for your
lives to change. Becoming aware of your
thoughts and feelings. The ones in your mind
you must rearrange.

First By letting go of yesterday and your fears
of tomorrow. Releasing all regret and sorrow.
For the true peace we seek we cannot borrow.

I realize it may seem difficult at first.It
will take a little practice and some patience
you will soon find it's what you deserve

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In The Moment