The Unfairness Of Angels
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 The Dark Prince       A new Begining
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Like giant brown stone pillars which branch out like green explosions
The mud trodden puddles shimmer the moons suspicions
With the sound of the crackling far away warm house fires
Where under the comfort of love, people explore their desires
The white ghostly apparition of breath appeared on a cold evening
Where under the forests disguise I awoke to my breathing

Long have I been away, in some worlds I would have been gone for centuries
I have been on adventures spanning a world of different universes
And when death took me the last time I awoke here
In this forest, naked with nothing but for a spear
My black armour, my horse and my dragon sword, all were gone
Such is the Curse that the Dark Princes soul lives on and on

Yet I remember each and every life and body I have had
I remember in one dimension I actually met my real dad
He gave me his dragon sword and sent back down to the mortal earth
A fate, which I truly did not deserve
The spear laying beside me, is as black as the night sky above me
And on its flint is engraved "Lancea Longini" The Spear Of Destiny

I feel my muscles in my body contract as I begin to stand
It begins to drizzle, and the moon above glows like the deserts sand
Slowly as the rain cleanses my nakedness and the air fills my body
I follow the forests beaten track, still feeling rather groggy
I can't remember how long it was until I stepped out through the trees
And felt the cold embrace of the twilight breeze

I stood upon a hilltop with the lights of a village below
The air began to get colder and the drizzle soon turned to snow
I see in the farmers' fields in the valley a lonesome scarecrow
So I went to introduce my self to the fellow
This land at least is populated with a humanoid mentality
I think as I take the rags off the scarecrow and rap them around me
Clothed in scarecrows rags and my feet still bare, I head towards the village
Dirty, wet and cold, The Dark Prince, who would have envisaged

The village is deathly quiet, as though everyone is asleep or have gone away
But then I see a flicker, as the light goes on in someones hallway
Like a cat that pounces with the greatest of ease, I spring towards the home
Knocking so hard my knuckles bleed, but I hear a voice "Leave me Alone!"
"Hello! Hello! Please I need shelter! I shall pay with my services of a Prince"
The door slowly creaks open, and a little old man pears out with a shrewd wince

He is dressed in a nightgown as white as his face, "Prince you say?"
"You are dressed in rags, and armed with a spear, a Prince I think not, now go away!"
I don't know what he saw in my eyes when I looked directly into this old mans stare
But what ever I did, I made him feel completely bare
He shivered not with cold but with fear "Sorry I didn't recognise you I swear"
And I stepped into the warmth of this old mans home
I sat on his wooden chair, by the raging fire; I sat once again on a throne

The old man fed me with a simple but much need meal
And as the taste of mead ran through me, I began to feel more real
He said his son had been missing for many months, didn't know where, no one knows
So he offered me a bath, and then clothed me in his sons finest clothes
He said strange things had been going on in this land, for almost a year
And that the surrounding villages and towns and cities were gripped by fear

As he poured more mead into my tankard he said that sky is always black
And that he would repay me with anything he just wanted to get his son back
His son worked in the mines a few miles from here, and just disappeared one night
When rumours spread about a creature that filled the land with fright
I told him I would need a horse and a blacksmiths skill
He said the village had a master blacksmith and at first light he will

As the faded sunlight gave an overcast start to the day
I found myself a horse, and had armour made and went on my way
My Horse was as black as my new made armour, and with my black spear
I was reborn again, The Dark Prince, and I left with sound of the villagers cheer
A new land, a new quest and a new adventure ahead
The Dark Prince was back, risen from the dead
Armoured and ready for battle I was ready for another fight
To confront this creature of horror that made this land live in such fright

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