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 "her path to integrity"

"a path of integrity"

i read the other day that joy and peace are elusive
creatures. upon reflection, i do so agree. it seems
that depending what kind of being one is and what
one strives for is in direct correlation with one's
levels of joy and one's levels of inner peace. what
does this mean exactly, one may ask.

i believe there are three kinds of people in the
world:- those that act, speak and strive for grace,
beauty, integrity, decorum, manners and etiquette
and those that do not. they are those that do not
truly care for mankind save for one: him or herself.
then there are those that struggle, whether known or
not, between the two paths. with guidance and care,
they will be successful without the right mindset
and/or environment they will not. a child that has
not been shown the path will either find it or she
or he will not. it may be found sooner in life, later
in life or not at all. it is a constant choice.

it is my conclusion that those that walk upon the
path of integrity are the ones indeed that experience
prolonged periods of peace and joy in their lives,
careers, pursuits, families and relations. those that
do not conduct themselves in the knowing of what is
fitting and next correct word or deed usually do not.
they may have fleeting moments of happiness and think
they find peace whilst quietly relaxing with a "much
needed cigarette and/or drink" or even indeed with a
"companion", however, serenity and soul filled joy
are not found with accoutrements but rather within
the self.

those that live in the dark know not the light yet
some that live in the light know the dark as they
have ventured there and know it is not a place to
find a rich, meaningful life. all that we do and
say places us upon either the path of integrity or
the path without. which path are you upon?

`t. imaan tretchicovmanicova
copyright © 2007

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