Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

It was a brand new day, sitting in the recycling bin

Burning skin,
Flesh just melts away,
Let's get underneath the problem.

Fly me to death and show
Me how hot
Heaven burns and the
Icy depths of hell.

I feel the way I felt
When John left.
Like I would hurt forever,
With only the knives to
Keep me company.

I fell into a hole,
And begged,
And pleaded,
And accidentally
Turned to prayer
For I had fallen
Than I had intended to.

It was supposed to
Be a new day,
But it already had been used.

Welcome the tears,
Falling into shallow
Puddles of self-remorse.

They dance,
And glisten,
And they are much prettier
Than you.


I could drown out the world,
With these maniacal drops
And God would label me
A copycat.

I would drown out God too.

January 10, 2007

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It was a brand new day, sitting in the recycling bin

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