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 From the Heart Through the Pen

The Gifts I'll Give

I'm over here searching
Like always you have me distracted
Reminiscing smiling and yearning
All that I want to express
To somehow find the right way
To make this one
One of the best
You started by giving me reason
You gave me thoughts
You gave me feelings
You made me want again to start pleasing
You gave me speech just so I could stutter
You had me caught from the get go
You gave me the chance
To have my heart melt like it was butter
You brought me back to life
Made my dreams a reality
You've done what it takes that special someone to
Gave me reason just to be me
You gave me the best kept secret
Happiness in my life because you're in it
You gave me imagination that has no end
No boundaries and no limits
You gave me back my smile
Along with yours
You gave me your feelings
Coming down like rain
Baby all day everyday let it pour
You gave me hope, gave me strength
You gave me faith, gave me love
You gave me someone to adore
Someone simply to write this poem for
You gave me inspiration
You gave me your touch
Someone I care for so much
You gave me beauty so rare
You gave me meaning
Someone for whom to start feenin
You gave me anticipation
You brought me peace, gave me joy
Reason to stop the hesitation
You gave me will to find the way
Definitely gave me a reason to stay
You gave me memories
Those I won't ever part
You gave yourself a home
Right here inside of my heart
But most of all you gave me yourself
And Baby Doll know that I don't want anyone else
You gave me all this and so much more
And I want to even the score
I can in no way compete
But definitely will try
And hopefully this will be
The only sad time that I make you cry
I'll give you feelings like no other
I'll give you the bonds that'll last forever
I'll give you smiles, give you laughs
I'll leave my mark on your heart like you did mine
Give you tons of mental photographs
I'll give you my eyes
To return that lovely gaze
Give you memories of me saying
Baby I'm just simply amazed
I'll give you my arms to hold you
To wrap around and protect
My back for support, my legs to carry you
I'll give you these words
Baby Doll, it's you that I will not forget
My smile for when yours is out of order
My lips to kiss to help make you stronger
I'll give you my hands to hold
Remember the lifetime warranty
They'll be there even when you're 89 years old
I'll give you see you laterz and no goodbyes
Memories of me forever getting lost in your eyes
When it becomes that time
I give to you my love
I give to you my devotion, give to you my spirit
I give to you me saying all day everyday
It'll be you I'm thinking of
I'll give you my everything
Give you my all
I'll give you me saying
Baby I'm no longer scared to fall
Most of all I give to you
My heart to stand beside yours
Because mine won't beat right
If it's without its source
I won't let you go
Just so you know
These times I'll alwayz, alwayz treasure
To let you know of this experience
It was my pleasure
All of this and more I'll miss
But these I give to you I promise
As long as I shall live
I'll alwayz remember
And so will my heart
And to you Baby Doll
These are The Gifts I'll Give

¥☼MOI☼¥   14 Sep 04


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