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what is happiness

An almost unfamiliar term
But I can recall some moments
Where I  was what you describe...
The color schems of pinks and greens
Somebody calling me beautiful
 (and mening it)
My dad displaying my worth
My sisters making me laugh
Getting a good grade or pat on the back
 (for a truly job well done)
Too often can I recall
The struggle to embrace what you describe...
The battles in the mind
The fight to survive
Jealousy. Debt. Uncompleteness.
Unclearity. Misdirection. Lonliness.
Memories of the haunting place that I can find
When I
Close my eyes
And envision my soul
Envision reality
Angels work amongst each other
And deathfairies work amongs each other
And collectivly they fight
For my very spirit.
I'm very confused over what you describe....
Because sometimes what is black
seems white
And what is white
seems black
And the ambition, motivation and harship that it takes to be
what you describe...
seems worthless.
So what is the value of happiness?
And why is it so hard to contain?

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what is happiness