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christ must have forget who i am
too observant over the people, who are people.
i am robbed.
i am being robbed.
and i'm not strong enough to stop it.
i am robbed of my money,
of my time,
of my sleep,
of my salvation,
of my humanity,
of my personality,
of my...
i am robbed of everything.
day after day...
and this is life...
  i cannot dine and fellowship.
  i cannot enjoy a single breath.
  i can hardly live.
i don't want other people to have to feel this way. no.
so i pretend my sorrows don't exist.
and i hurt the very people who love me with my own pain.
i am not jealous of others,
but rather it kills me to watch happiness.
to watch humanity.
to watch passion and ambition...
because my very own passions and ambitions
are slowly dying.
my motivations are craving extintion.
materially, i have everything.
materially, i have nothing.
romantically, i have everything.
romantically, i have nothing.
i'm not satisfied.
i'm not dis-content.
i'm not content.
i'm nothing.

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