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The Taint Of Motherly Love

You wear your anger at your side,
A pistol you take out and fire
When all the clever insults are taken.
How you wander in aimless circles
Banishing hope to hell and making
The emotionally handicapped feel
Like cleaving her heart from her chest,
Leaving behind an empty cavity
Of black, so she can be just like you.
And you would hurl abuse at
Someone sick in her bed with suicidal
Tendencies, watching her world shrink
Smaller and smaller from her
Window, you would just stand there
And hate her to her face while
She breaks loose a storm of tears.
You never tell her she's pretty and
You never tell her you love her and
You never fully appreciate her.
You'd also never know that you
Are the cause for most of the scars
She wears upon her arms and hands.
You just tell her to stop, and that
The truth hurts but the only thing
That hurts is the greed and malice
In your eyes, and all the other
Filth in your heart that makes you
Feel the need to be maniacally in control.
Well mom, this is a big F**K
YOU for birthing me, but never helping
Me know, never helping me feel, and for
Turning me into an ugly nightmare, who hates
The sight of what she truly is.

February 8th, 2007

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The Taint Of Motherly Love

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