Beautiful Disaster


My head and heart are constantly bickering
Usually about a guy
My head tries to control my heart
But my heart refuses to comply

My head says to my heart
Don't fall for this boy
He doesn't care about you
To him, your just a toy

My heart says to my head
Let yourself be vulnerable to love.
With a child-like faith
Innocent like a dove

There must be some miscommunication                                
Between my heart and my head
I'm so mixed up right now
I can't completely agree with what either one said

But guys aren't the only thing they argue about
Any logical  thoughts versus illogical feelings
Seems to create
Intense dealings

However there is one thing my head and heart agree on
The happiness of simple joys
Not worrying about life
Not worrying about boys

For this, there is no miscommunication
The heart and head are completely in sync
Maybe these simple joys
Are the missing link

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